1.  Can I get some info on the DFW ABA?   

Sure. We are an adult baseball league in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area which has been in operation for over 25 years as one of the largest in the country. The DFW ABA offers recreational yet competitive venues for all adults to play America's game regardless of age or playing experience. We are a family oriented organization which emphasizes good sportsmanship as well as good competition.   

2.  How does this league work, such as what age divisions, which days of the week do you play and how are the skill levels arranged?   

The DFW ABA offers five age groups...18+, 25+, 40+, 52+ and 58+. The 18+, 25+, and 58+  divisions play on Sunday.  Our 40+ age group plays weeknights with Wednesdays, as the primary play day.  Our 52+ division plays on Saturdays As far as skill levels, all divisions with the exception of the 40+ and 52+ we try to offer an "A" (entry level") or an "AA" (advanced). So whether you never progressed past Little League or have spent time as a professional there is a place for you in the DFW ABA.   

3.  How much should I expect to pay and what can I expect for my money? 

The cost to play baseball can vary from team to team, but plan on a cost between $225-$300 for our spring season and $175-$250 for the fall season.  About - $14-$17 per game, and includes league fees and the cost of umpires.  Our Spring season is 16 games, plus two out of three playoffs.  Our Fall season, between 10 games plus single elimination playoffs.  

4.  What about game times, how many games per season and number of seasons per year?   

The DFW ABA runs two main seasons each year.  Our spring season begins in early March and ends around early August. The fall season kicks off in early September right after Labor Day and ends by Thanksgiving. The fields we use are college, high school, and city fields.  Our start times may vary depending on the requirements of the coaches and athletic directors.  Games can generally start at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays and weeknight games usually start around 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  

5.  How do I get on a team?   

Two ways: 1. Come to one of our tryouts at the beginning of each season where you will have the opportunity to show your skills and ability level; there will be team managers there who may end up drafting you for their team. 2. Go to our website and use the "Register to Play" link which will take you to a Free Agent sign up opportunity.  There may be a team in need of another player throughout the season.  Either method should have you "living the dream" once again!   

6.  May I start my own team?   

Yes you may. Use the "Feedback" link above, and let us know you are interested, and we'd be glad to help you through the process.  Thanks for managing and allowing others to enjoy Americaâ??s Game!  

7.  Am I too old to play in the DFW ABA? or Too young?   

As long as you are at least 18 years of age you may sign up and play. We cannot accept anyone under that age even with parent's consent. How old? Well we currently have many players over the age of 65 hacking every weekend. We have no upper age limit; if you have the heart, with our special playing rules, the DFW ABA could provide a roster spot for you!   

8.  Where are the games scheduled and how about team practices?   

The DFW ABA uses high school, college, and city fields throughout the DFW area. You should be willing to drive for up to 30 minutes to play ball. If you go to the "Locations" link on the Home page it will give you comprehensive directions to all fields. As far as individual team practices, this will be up to the manager of the team you are playing on; some teams practice weekly, some never. But either way, you can always hit the cages!   

9.  What type of shoes and bats can I use? Does the DFW ABA use standard MLB rules?   

You are allowed to use any type of shoes such as metal, plastic or rubber cleats. Our divisions are termed either Wood or Metal which designates what type of bat is allowed in each. We use MLB rules as the basis for our rule book but with many exceptions designed to make your adult recreational playing experience a fun and worthwhile one. For example, a team may bat as many as it wants to and those that do bat do not have to play defense and visa versa. This allows more players to get into each game and who wouldn't like that!    

10.  What if one of my players doesn't have email and can't create an DFW ABA account?   What!?!  

Yes, we do understand that this is the case for a small percentage of our players.  Here is the process: 1) The manager creates a free email account for that player (i.e. gmail.com), and uses that to both add the player to the roster and to create their DFW ABA account, enabling the manager to accept the online waiver for the player, BUT ... 2) They need to get the player to fill out a physical waiver and return that to the league.   Players and Managers that do not complete Step #2 above are subject to suspension.  The DFW ABA takes our insurance waiver very seriously.  Thank you for understanding. 

11.  If I am either a team manager or an individual player, how do I know if my scheduled game has been canceled, moved or changed in some way?   

The DFW ABA will send out an announcement which will show up on both the home page of our website and on your individual Dashboard page. We also use Twitter as a communication tool for our rainout and game change information.

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